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Dog Training Articles

3 Huge dog training tips
- Here are some tips that you can use in every situation

An electric dog collar experience
- One person talks about their experience with a dog training collar

A puppy training experience
- One ladies experience about a home puppy training consultation

Barking at the fence
- Hear how quickly and easily the barking stopped

Buying a puppy
- Before you buy, think about this

Doggy Dan speaks at the SPCA conference
- Big, bad dangerous dogs

Understanding Dominance in Dogs
- Dominance in dogs is natural however it needs to be kept under control

Dog training and personality types
- Is it breed, nature or nurture that drives your dogs behaviour?

Dog saved from being put to sleep
- One owners story of how we saved her dog's life

Stopping unwanted dog behaviors
- Here are 5 key things to focus on when stopping unwanted dog behaviors

The importance of being the pack leader
- How recall was achieved with Amber the spoodle

The modern day dog
- How the dog's past still influences dogs of today

The truth about electric dog collars
- Are they necessary or can you avoid using them?

TV3 Sunrise Doggy Dans Doggy Rescue
- Video footage of a scared dog overcoming its fear of the walk

Old dogs and new tricks
- Can dogs be trained at an older age?

One man and his dog
- 77 year old Sam Butler prepares his dog for sea

Signs of stress
- Are you mistaking stress for excitement?





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