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The importance of being the pack leader

Testimonial from Tracy Middleton:

I so wanted to be able to let Amber my Spoodle run free on the beach and at the park, however she was not responding to any of my efforts at training. If I let her off the lead she just ran away and I spent a lot of time trying to catch her. I wanted to be able to leave my doors open and know that she would not run away.

I had read so many books and watched programs etc and it all seemed so complicated. I was having a two week holiday and decided I needed to get someone in to give me some guidance and over the holidays I would devote myself to Amber. I looked online and loved what I read. It sounded so relaxed and natural rather than forced as so many of the books etc implied.

I thought this is too good to be true however I picked up the phone and called. Dan came out and Wow, I cant thank him enough.

Dan teaches you the rules of being pack leader. It all sounded too good to be true however from the minute Dan walked into my house , Amber did everything he said.

I was embarrassed that obviously it was me. Dan put me at ease and said what this shows is that she is very capable of understanding and being a happy and controllable dog.

I put what he showed me into pracise and now, Amber is happier, is listening and is such a relaxed dog. We now go for walks and she is off the lead. She runs free and is just so happy. In summertime my doors are open and she does not run away.

Life is blissful for all the family.

Dan knows what he is talking about, his relaxed nature and his ability to come into your home and show you where you are going wrong and to give you all that you need to change your lives.

All my family and friends and even strangers who come to the house say what a lovely dog I have.

Believe me, it is all thanks to Dan and his special understanding of dogs.

Thanks so much Dan. I tell everyone I can about you and that it is money well spent.

Tracy Middleton
Swanson - Auckland

"Doggy Dan's tips and instructions on handling our puppy have been absolutely invaluable,
thanks Dan"
Mike McRoberts 3News