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Dog Training Home Consultation

Doggy Dan Home Consultation

Dog_sat_mat.jpg Here’s what you can look forward to when you choose to train your dog or puppy with me:
  1. 2-2.5 hrs with one of Aucklands top dog trainers . This allows me to observe your dog in their natural environment with all of the usual stimulus around them. If you experience a dog training problem in a specific location then we can also go there to work with your dog such as the park or beach.
  2. A full demonstration and coaching on how to interact with and train your dog without the need for fear or aggression
  3. During this time I shall show you all the dog training tools and techniques required to change your dog’s behaviour
  4. I’ll also leave you with your own simple, personalized steps for dealing with each and every issue
  5. Plus we’ll cover all the dog behavioural problems you’re facing (not just one) and I won’t leave until I’ve answered all your dog training questions
  6. Whether you have a brand new puppy or an aggressive dog who needs calming I can bring my four amazing dogs along Peanut , Inca and little Moses to work alongside us, bringing their own unique skills. Needless to say their behavior alone shall speak volumes for this training method.

Post Consultation Support

Dog_sitting_chair.jpg So you know you’re never alone... after the session you’ll also receive:
  1. Your own personalised step-by-step action plan for your dog which deals with the real cause of the problems
  2. Access to my international dog training website that contains over 300 videos at the discounted rate of around $13/per month ($9.95 US) for as long as you want rather than the standard rate is $60/per month ($37 US). It does vary a fraction since the site is all run in US dollars and the conversion rate changes. This reminds you through video of exactly what to do in any situation and for any dog training problem you may face and allows you to continue to learn more if you wish to
  3. Ongoing “Doggy Dan Support” via phone and email with me directly.

So how much does it cost?

Three_puppy_dogs.jpg Just like any dog training service you buy you can experience a wide variety in quality. If you’re looking for a cheap dog training solution then there are plenty of those out there for you. The question is whether they will work long term and the happiness they bring to your dog and your family.
When you think about dog training it's important to recognise that the investment you make now will pay off over the lifetime of your dog. A well trained and relaxed dog is going to mean less stress and destruction, resulting in more enjoyment and a stronger bond between you, both now, and for the rest of your dog’s life.

When you think that your dog could live up to 15 years... can you really put a price on a great relationship! Personally I think investing in your dog is one of the smartest things that you can do as a dog owner when you think about it in those terms... lifetime happiness for both you and your dog.
So I offer all of the above for the one time investment of $500 (incl GST).

(Remember there's always the amazing option of if this does not sound like its for you)

More than 1 dog?
And this price remains the same even if you have 2 or more dogs!

Together we will cover ALL the problems that you have and not just the main one you may have contacted me about. As you will discover they are actually all connected!
And I’m so confident in my results I guarantee my work in 3 different ways...

My Dog and Puppy Training Triple Guarantee

Dog_cat.jpg Guarantee One
During the first hour of the dog training consultation if you are not completely happy then I'm happy to leave and shall charge you absolutely nothing!

Guarantee Two
Included in this offer is access to my international dog training video website with over 300 videos for $9.95 US per month. This is reduced from the usual price of around $37 US per month and is a very valuable tool for additional learning.
Guarantee Three
I will continue to provide you with ongoing support personally by phone and email to answer any questions you may have after the consultation.
I don’t think you’ll find another dog trainer anywhere in the world who will make a promise to you like that.
As I have a busy schedule, the sooner you contact me the easier it’ll be to find a time that’s right for you (I also work Sundays)

So simply email to discuss your specific situation and remember to leave a phone number so I can call you back to discuss.

Confident little Mouse and Peanut!

Fearful, nervous, aggressive to other dogs

Mouse_Peanut_dog.jpg Hi Dan

We have been meaning to email you to say a huge thank you - your methods and tips have made a huge difference already to our lives! We can't believe the difference in both Peanut and Mouse since day one.

We have just got back from the park tonight where we happened to meet 4 of our neighbours with their dogs. They were all off leash, which would normally have been chaos with our two. Mouse was much calmer and had great fun playing with the smaller dogs.

Peanut was so different too - normally she would be stressed out and trying to protect Mouse, and eventually would try to bite if a dog sniffed her for too long. She was much calmer and more relaxed and didn't seem to feel that she had to defend Mouse or us. Your tip about how to show our dogs that there is no danger seems to really be helping.

Walking them is such a different experience now too - before they decided when and where to stop (which was a lot!) and now we are in charge. I even have Mouse walking calmly by my side for almost the whole walk - fantastic! 

Thank you so much - we both feel so much more in control and I am enjoying walking the dogs so much more now. We have been singing your praises to all our doggy neighbours, and left your card at the vets too - they had already heard of you too!

Katherine River and Claire Shields
Point Chevalier

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"Doggy Dan's tips and instructions on handling our puppy have been absolutely invaluable,
thanks Dan"
Mike McRoberts 3News