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Dog Training Videos

To check out my video website click here

My international dog training video website

After a consultation you have the option of joining my international dog training video website which contains over 250 videos (around 20 hours of viewing) for a very discounted rate of $14 per month. The videos show you how to train your puppy and stop unwanted dog behavior from the comfort of your own home.

The online Dog Trainer - Video Website
Or you can check it out here however you will have to pay the full price of $37 USD (it is in American dollars as it sells all over the world) for a months access If you are interested in purchasing the price in New Zealand dollars shall be calculated and confirmed with you before purchasing. As you will see this is a complete solution that will be appropriate for many of you.

Needless to say there is nothing quite the same as a visit from myself to help you apply it all to your situation but if I am not able to come then this site is the next best thing!

Of course you do not need to watch all of them unless you really want to! Instead you can go to the videos that interest you or deal with the issue that you have and watch the ones that you select

The site shows you the same method that I would use if I came to visit you in your house, in fact many of the videos are live consultations.

How does it work?

The video website is a video based site so although it has lots of information in written form that you can print off, it is primarily video based website so you simply sit back and watch the videos.

If you are not sure whether you wish to spend the money on a home consultation but are fascinated on how I could help you and your dog then this is a fantastic value option. Once you join you will instantly receive your own personal password to gain access to everything on the site. All you need to have is access to internet broadband and you'll have immediate access.

This is also a great option for those that live outside the Auckland region and that I can't travel to for a home consultation. Feel free to contact me to discussion your specific situation and what's best for you and your dog.

Easy to use

The site is simple and straight forward so you can carefully work through each step at your own pace. First you will learn how to become the pack leader and then how to address the problems that your dog has - just as I would show you in an in home consultation. One big advantage is that you can get to watch videos for any behavior - they are all included - everything from puppy training to dog obedience.

Ask questions online

You can also ask any question from inside the site. You can also view the questions of other dog owners which offer provide just the answer you're looking for.

The best value for money

Access to the for just $14 per month as part of the support following a home consultation means you can have all the information you need at your fingertips - in terms of value for money I don't think you'll find a better deal worldwide :)

Below are just a few of the very basic videos that I have put together from the video website

"Doggy Dan's tips and instructions on handling our puppy have been absolutely invaluable,
thanks Dan"
Mike McRoberts 3News