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Dog Behaviour Problems

Learn more about some of the most common dog behaviour problems

Barking_dogs.jpg Barking Dogs - There is a reason why your dog is barking. It is not hard to stop your dog barking when you are home or when you are not in the car. Find out how I've helped other dogs stop barking.

Fearful and Scared Dogs - In the eyes of the dog we live in a "World of a thousand threats". Read about how I've helped other fearful and nervous dogs.
Aggression – We generalise aggression into two main categories: 1) Dominant aggression and 2) Fearful aggression. See how I've helped aggressive dogs change their behaviour.

dog_separation_anxiety_1.jpg Separation Anxiety – This is so often misunderstood but the signals are so clear when you know what you’re looking for. Read about how I've helped dogs with separation anxiety.

Obsessive and Hyperactive - Digging, chewing, attention seeking, licking, barking, tail chasing, or ball obsessions? All those odd behaviours are probably just signs of stress. Learn more about helping  obsessive and hyperactive dogs.

Escaping - There is always a very good reason why your dog is trying to escape. Discover why your dog tries to escape and how I’ve helped similar dogs.

Puppy Training - Want to know the secret of a happy dog? Getting it right when it is a puppy as prevention is always better than cure. Find out more about puppy training and the puppies I’ve helped.

dog_pulling_on_lead.jpg Pulling on the Lead - There is little more frustrating than trying to enjoy a walk when your arm is being pulled out of its socket. Find out how I’ve helped other dogs that were pulling on the lead.

The bottom line with dog problems

There are a lot of different dog problems that you can face but it’s important to remember that most problems are just a symptom of an underlying problem. By focusing on fixing the root cause of the problem we will remove the current symptoms and help prevent other problems appearing in the future.

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