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Dog Training

Dog training in your own home

The usual service that I offer to clients with dog behavioral problems in and around the Auckland area is a home consultation. This involves me visiting you at your home with any members of the family who can attend. This can take place during the week or at the weekend... whatever suits you.

Being in your home allows me to see the dog in its natural surroundings and tailor the dog training solution specifically to your property.

Make sure you get your dog training right the first time!

By getting your dog training right the first time with me you can save hundreds of dollars.

Many dog training methods provide solutions that are only temporary fixes or disguise the real problem. They treat only the symptom and not the cause and so problems return soon after.

Sadly many dog trainers do not understand the true cause of the problem and so have little chance of solving it.

Over time these solutions become unstuck, you have wasted your time and money you are left with an even more confused dog.

With my in home consultation you will get the very best solution which works - because it also treats the cause of the problem. That is why I can back it up with 2 weeks ongoing support and also discounted access to my video website.

Looking for a permanent dog training solution for your dog and not just a quick fix?

Scared_dog.jpg The method that I use not only eliminates unwanted behaviour but offers you a way to avoid all future problems.

I can help you with all the following problems and many more regardless of the age or breed of your dog:

Aggressive behaviour, Cat chasing, Dog barking, Boredom, Pack leadership issues, Chewing, In car barking, Predatory instincts, Toileting, Biting, Stress, Self mutilation, Pulling, Separation anxiety, Obsessive behaviour, Unruliness, Digging, Destructive Behaviour, Noise aversion, Selective hearing, Domination, Phobias, Jumping-up

A dog training method that really works

The way I work is very different from a traditional dog trainer.

A traditional dog trainer arrives at your home – works with your dogs – partly dealing with one or two of the symptoms and then disappears!

As soon as a different problem occurs you find yourself back in the same helpless position that you were originally in.

You find yourself with a new problem that you don’t understand and can’t solve. Your options are to pay for more training or try somebody else!

A new approach to dog training - a brand new start

This is where my method is different:

By understanding what is going on in the dog's mind you are left with a completely different feeling towards your dogs behaviour.

You will understand what your dog was trying to do and why. After the consultation you will look at your dog in a fresh and different way.

With a new understanding you can continue to develop the bond with your dog.


With 2 weeks free support and my video website you are not left alone

Dog_trained_bring_remote_1.jpg If in the future any problem starts to occur, you’ll be surprised how capable of dealing with it you are by returning to the basics that I have shown you that are recapped inside the video website.

To find out exactly what you get when working with me visit the home consultation page.

What is involved?

The really interesting thing about dogs is that

"Until you win a dog’s mind (and convince it you are in charge) it is almost impossible to train the body!"

Once we have won your dog’s mind, changing their behaviour or stopping an unwanted behaviour can be achieved with no fear or gadgets.

Does it feel like your dog playing a game?

That is because every dog is playing a game of who's in charge! This is a game to which all dogs are born with a clear set of rules firmly planted in their brains! The only problem is that when you don’t know the rules it is very hard to win!

I will explain the rules and show you how to win. The issues and unwanted behavior can then be addressed.

Treating the cause and not just the symptom

The important thing that you will very quickly realise is that we will be treating the cause of the problems and not just the symptoms.

This means that the method will work and not just end up redirecting the problem into another area! Thus you will end up with a happier dog.

Afterwards you will have all the tools and knowledge at your finger tips so that when I leave things get better and better.

Feel free to call me and find out more before deciding if you are interested. There is also more information on the home consultation page.

There is no such thing as a magic wand. However you’ll end up with a completely different dog if you’re willing to follow the simple steps that I show you.

Young children, babies and dogs

How to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone

Dog_small_children_babies.jpg Children will be children and dogs will be dogs. However setting down some ground rules for living together is critical for a happy family. My book "What the dogs taught me about being a parent" is a great read if you are interested in parenting and raising a dog!

It is important that the dog learns to respect the baby and child and also that the children respect the dog.

Knowing what to teach your children is the key. There are so many simple ways to create that special relationship between your young children and your dogs.

Making sure that you and your entire family are fully aware of all the do’s and don’ts will allow you all to develop a wonderful relationships and get the most out of your dog.

Got more than one dog?

How to ensure dogs will get along

Trainer_has_dogs_on_wait_command.jpg The importance of successful dog pack integration is often underestimated. Owners need to be aware that an extra dog can easily unbalance a pack and know how to act accordingly.

A dog that is brought into a house to accompany a lonely dog that has developed issues will usually copy – not change – the behaviour of the first dog.

Training two or more dogs can very quickly become a nightmare or it can be a wonderful experience if it is fully understood from the start. Don't forget that your dogs can and will be communicating with each other all the time!

Dog obedience training

Basic and advanced command work

Dog_jumping_well_trained_high.jpg As a professional dog trainer it never ceases to amaze me how quickly dogs learn when they are taught correctly in a way they understand. In a very short space of time I can show you the tricks the top dog trainers use.

For those of you who wish to use hand signals and more complex commands I can show you how with the use of clicker training.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised whether you think you have the smartest dog on the block or the dog that just can’t learn anything!

Let’s have a chat

The easiest way to assess your needs and what you want to achieve through training your dog is to have a chat. So just give me a call on 09 4118535 or 027 2753700. Alternatively you can email me at

You can also read more about my home consulation here.

"Doggy Dan's tips and instructions on handling our puppy have been absolutely invaluable,
thanks Dan"
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