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The 1 on 1 in home puppy training is available to puppies and dogs of any age however it is especially suitable for people who are:

  1. happy to spend a little more on their training
  2. looking for a more tailored solution to their situation
  3. feeling a little overwhelmed by their and feel like they have more issues than they expected

There are benefits of both it is really your decision which suits you best and which meets your needs. If you would like to discuss which option would suit you best then please feel free to call me to discuss. It may be that you wish to do both which means that you get the best of both worlds !

Puppy Training - The secret to a happy dog!

Happy_dog.jpg Want to know the secret of a happy dog? - Getting it right when they are a puppy.

Yes you can also teach an old dog new tricks but doing the right thing when the dog is still a puppy will save you huge amounts of time, money and stress when the puppy becomes a dog.

I am often asked if a puppy is too young to be taught. The answer is simple, no. Puppies are never too young to start learning the rules of life, and there is no better time than the present.

Better to invest a small amount of time now and prevent any problems in the future than to wait until things are getting out of control before making the call. Prevention really is better than cure

Want to end up with a dog that everyone loves?

Puppy_cat.jpgThe great news is that having a great dog has got nothing to do with luck or the breed! Puppies start to learn from the day they are born. If you give the puppy the correct signals they can learn quickly and get things right.

All too often we teach dogs the wrong things without even realising it. If you get these things wrong you can end up with serious issues later on which are much harder to put right. Why not get it right from the start and avoid any headaches altogether!

From toilet training to chewing to socialising.....

Everything you should know when puppy training


I can bring my very well behaved dogs along and introduce them to your puppy (if you wish).

In the pictures my dog Peanut (whom I can bring along) shows off being a wonderful role model to a young confident Sharpei named Zion and Oscar a tiny 12 week old Maltese at two puppy training consultations.

I will show you what to do and also what not to do when introducing your puppy to other dogs so that they are calm and confident.

What will we cover during the puppy training consultation?

During an in home consultation I will cover everything you want to know and more. With every topic I will show you the kindest, simplest and most effective training methods you will find. I can say this with confidence having studied methods from dog trainers all over the world.

Here are some of the most important questions I cover:

How do we get the puppy to toilet where we want? - It is not complicated if you do it right from the start using the error less training method

How much exercise should we give the puppy? - Many people over exercise puppies leading to health problems later on


How do we know when and how long we can leave the puppy during the day? - Don't make the big mistake when leaving your dog

How do we stop the dog chewing and mouthing?  - I'll explain what to do and why stopping a puppy from mouthing altogether when it's young is a big mistake

How do we correct the dog when it is misbehaving? - Many people don't realise that shouting or using punishment has a down side and stops working after a while

How do we make sure the cat and dog get along? - It is actually very simple if you do it from a young age

Should we use a crate to train the dog or a clicker? - I can give you all the advantages and disadvantages and help you to decide what is best for you

How do we let the puppy off the leash without it running off? - The sooner you start getting it right the easier it is


What food and how much and when should we feed our puppy? - I'll explain the importance of food and the biggest mistake of all

Should we keep the puppy away from the children? - Learn the rules for making it safe and fun for everyone

How do we make sure that our dog isn't scared of people? - Don't keep your puppy hidden away from people

How do we make sure our puppy is safe when with other bigger dogs? - Over protecting your dog will give it all the wrong messages

How do we teach our dog to sit, stay, come, and walk nicely on a lead? - I'll show you how to make sure that your dog just keeps getting better

Why do dogs develop problems as they get older? - The wonderful truth is that they don't have to, I'll show you how to stop it happening

I only leave after you have run out of questions! Even after I go you will have free lifetime support, meaning that I will always be there to help you through telephone or by email support - if you have any other questions or concerns I'll be there.

Puppy training 1 on 1

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Toilet training your puppy

Lets look into this topic in a little more depth...

Puppies.jpgThis is just one of many important topics that I will cover during a Home Consultation. One of the most common mistakes that people make with a puppy is training the puppy to toilet on newspaper inside the house. Why train the dog to do something that we don't want it to do when it is older!

The quickest and simplest way to toilet train a dog is the error less training method. This method uses a number of simple steps to ensure that the dog learns from a very early age where to go and rewards it when it succeeds.

Telling a dog off is uninformative...

Another mistake with puppy toilet training is telling the dog off when it has had an accident indoors. If the dog could speak it would be saying "OK, OK so I got it wrong but tell me where should I go!"

A dog who thinks it may get told off will start going to the toilet where you can't see it  such as behind the couch or the TV or go when you aren't watching, making it so much harder to toilet train! 

Rubbing a dogs nose in its own mess really is not a good idea either. Again this does not show the where to go, the dog loses respect and trust of you and it will start to do it when you aren't watching! Puppies are just waiting to be shown the correct place.  I can show you how.


Focus on the dog and praise it when it is being good - not just when it is getting something wrong!

Pepper the puppy

"& her almost immediate transformation"

Pepper_the_puppy.JPGWe’d wanted a dog of our own for years, so were suitably excited when Pepper, an adorable 8 week Chocolate Lab joined the family. People had warned us it wouldn’t be easy, but we were confident we knew what we were doing. After all, we’d both grown up with dogs, and are raising two small boys – how hard could it be?

It was therefore in shock and desperation that 2 months later we contacted Doggy Dan. Our house was quite literally in tatters, visitors were trampled, the boys were being nipped and dominated, and her house training seemed to be going nowhere

Dan spent one evening with us, and in that time gave us behavioral tools that have completely transformed Pepper into the family dog we always wanted. Dan made it all so simple. The key was learning what was motivating all of Peppers ‘bad’ behaviour. Once we understood this, we could then look at practical ways of turning this around. The most amazing thing was that once we knew what we were doing, the transformation was almost immediate!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dan to all new dog owners. His huge affection for all dogs is obvious, and his knowledge and understanding of how a dog views the world is imparted in easy to understand, practical terms, with a healthy sense of humor thrown in that relaxes the frazzled dog owners and reminds them why it was they wanted a dog in the first place.

Thanks Dan-

Tessa Law Westmere

Here's to Doggy Dan

"Alfie" - a 5mth old spaniel

puppy_dog.JPGDan came to see us and we were immediately impressed with his lovely friendly attitude. Right from his entrance he was professional and had our puppy looking up to him. We knew we had the best person to help us.

Dans advise was invaluable - he has a unique understanding of the animal world. He was able to show us how to understand Alfie, how dogs think, and gave us all the tools to train him to be a happy calm well adjusted boy.

To know that we can contact Dan anytime with questions is a great comfort to us.

If you would like help or advice on anything to do with your dog you couldn’t do better than to give Doggy Dan a ring. It was a relaxing and interesting time with him. You will be very satisfied and have made a great friend as well. Our cocker spaniel Alfie is 5mths old and benefitting enormously from Dan's knowledge, and we are very happy owners of a beautifull dog. Our Alfie is not a silly or dumb spaniel but a highly intelligent boy. Thanks Dan

Gwenda and Peter Lunn - Bucklands Beach

Positive puppy training for Trixie

12 week old Poodle X Schnauzer

Trixie_puppy_training.JPG"Working with Dan in our own home to train our gorgeous baby snoodle Trixi was a relaxing and stressfree experience. He answered all our questions easily and calmly showed us ways to develop Trixi's behaviour positively. He has also kept in regular contact to ensure we're all going well.

Trixi is gorgeous and growing and is an extreme bundle of energy we love her & she has fitted perfectly into our family so we are very happy.

We are so pleased to have met Dan and recommend him without hesitation! Thank you so much for your regular phone calls and emails"

Kind regards
Vicky, Peter, Cory & Trixi- Titirangi

Bella the Gentle - puppy training

growing up with lots of animals

German_Shepherd.JPGHi Dan
We would just like to say a big Thank you for the time you spent with us training Bella, we started early to ensure we would have a lovely dog to be a part of our family in the future and she is certainly turning out to be just that. She is such a social butterfly and such a sweetheart, she just loves everyone which is great considering German Shepherds are known for there aggression. She has not had an easy go of it either as you know our little farm is filled with Horses, Lambs, Cats & Ducks so she has had plenty of distractions with the training but every day she just gets better and better.

Having the tools you gave us early on certainly helps make a lot more sense of her reactions and needs to certain situations, I am sure it has helped Bella having us understand her a lot better. We don’t sweat the small stuff like I am sure we would have if we didn't understand her doggy needs.

She is loving being a dog and we love her being part of our family.
Thanks again Dan - Kind Regards
Tania, Kane, Bella, Ned, Charlie, Ted, Sweetie, Breeze, Harry, Jean, Bill and Ducks - Pukekohe

"Buddy" - puppy training

12 week old Labrador

Buddy_the_puppy.JPG "You need a dog as a part of your family. You many times pamper them with too much love. Offering love is good but it requires discipline and sometimes tough love is also needed. Dan guided us through this process which helped us to have Buddy as lovely addition to our family. We had Dan come round when Buddy was 12weeks old and he showed us how to controll Buddy by understanding canine behaviour.

I will definitely recommend Dan for your dog training and most importantly he offers and is available for support through out whenever you need it."

Thanks and best regards,
Shirish - Mt Eden


"Lucky" - puppy training

16 week old Labrador

Lucky_and_Steve.JPG Having been first time puppy owners, and having no idea on how to go about training and getting to know all the little traits about our new family
member, you can imagine how anxious and confused we were, as there were so many websites with conflicting ideas.

We came across Doggy Dans website and decided to give him ago, we have never looked back. His insight and time with us has been invaluable and he is always available to answer any questions we might have.

We are no enjoying Lucky ( our little mate ) more than we ever imagined, no doubt due to the advice and inights from Dan.

Steve Roberts and Family - Massey

"Indy" - puppy training

11 week old Ridgeback

digging_dog.JPG When I decided to get a puppy, I knew the best way to living with a secure, happy, obedient dog was to invest in all the right training from day one.

I am so grateful to Doggy Dan for showing us the way to avoid all the usual problems that arise with our dogs because we just don’t understand the way they think and how they read the messages we don’t even know we are giving them!

Prevention is so much smarter than cure.

My Ridgeback puppy is now 6 months old and an absolute delight. She is very happy, secure and obedient. She doesn’t bark unnecessarily, is fine at home alone, has learned to socialise confidently with other dogs, loves people and children.

Dan has always been there to support me and Indie with regular calls to make sure everything is on the right track and to clarify anything I was unsure of how to handle.

I have had dogs before but every dog is different. I learned so much and saw where I had gone wrong in the past which I didn’t want to repeat. I know that without Doggy Dan, I would not have got Indie off to such a great start in life.

We are both very gratefull!

Louise O'Sullivan - Takapuna

"Delta" - Puppy training

16 weeks old Rottweiler

Delta_rotty_dogs_1.JPG "Dan, we are extremely grateful for teaching us how to connect and live with our puppy Rottweiler Delta. Understanding her needs and dog psyche has helped us to integrate her into our family including two cats and ensure that she is a well socialised puppy that we can trust and enjoy."

Catherine Somerville - Remuera


"Rico" a 16 week old spoodle

Re-call, jumping up, nipping, chewing.....

Rico_the_spoodle.JPG "Neither of us had been responsible for a puppy before and we needed help with Rico. He has responded quickly to the training methods you showed us. We are now enjoying a puppy that no longer jumps up and nips.

We are making great progress and enjoying having a puppy that is more calm and comes back when he is called!
Thanks Doggy Dan"

Fiona Winfield - Mairangi Bay

"Biscuit" calms down!

Mouthing, chasing the cat, nervous around children



Hi Dan, we want to say thank you for your training. Everbody that comes to our house says Biscuit has calmed down a lot!

You saw how many kids comes in and out of our place, but Biscuit just sits in her favorite place and never chase kids around. Shes totally stopped biting Gwyneth.

We take her to German Shepherd League every Sunday for obedience class and Gwyneth leads Biscuit for training. Eowyn and I are usually watching them from a bench and many people give me a praise how good Biscuit is with Gwyneth.

Another 7 German Shepherds are with adult men in the class as they are very strong dogs who may drag you to somewhere.

Biscuit is much better with cats now. As you can see in the picture, they sometimes sleep together. She is a very lovely girl thanks to you, we have very calm and loving dog.

Satoko Nelmes - Mt Eden

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"Doggy Dan's tips and instructions on handling our puppy have been absolutely invaluable,
thanks Dan"
Mike McRoberts 3News