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“Harrison’s happy again”

He no longer barks or cries when we leave the house, he comes when called and has the best manners when waiting to be feed! Amazingly he has also stopped attacking the mobile phone after your visit and stopped toileting inside. But the best bit is that we have claimed our bed back! Harrison no longer feels like he needs to be next to us 100% of the time, …

Matt and Alison Ponsonby

1 on 1 Consultations OR Online Dog & Puppy Training?

My Online Dog and Puppy training program

Looking to train your puppy now, and stop unwanted dog behaviours immediately?

Are you wanting a permanent solution that stands the test of time, rather than just a bandaid?

Is your puppy over excited, not listening and starting to drive you a bit crazy?

Do you want amazing value for money?

Are you happy to work through things on your own pace? Then I can help 🙂

My online dog and puppy training program called The Online Dog Trainer has helped over 27,000 dog and puppy lovers all over the world from London to L.A may be right for you.

This video based training allows you to train your puppy without the hassle of expensive lessons and lots of evenings out the house.

The great thing about this training program is that it has stood the test of time for close to a decade now and so I know it works!

Currently I am offering a $1 trial of the entire site for just 3 days…(Note that is $1 USA since the training program sells world wide)

It includes a complete video diary of me raising my puppy Moses from 8 weeks old through to adulthood.

If you would like to take a look at this approach then just click the link below

Take a Look

Puppy Training Online

If you are looking for an amazing puppy training program at excellent value for money then look no further than my Online Dog Trainer.

Inside the membership site I have a program called Project Moses, this is an amazing video diary of me raising my puppy Moses from 8 weeks through to 8 months.

The site also includes a comprehensive video program that covers off all the command training and puppy training you need.

To find out more about my Perfect Puppy Program click the button below.

Perfect Puppy Program

One on One Consultation at my Property

If you are happy to invest a bit more then you are welcome to visit me here at my 3.5 acre property in Muriwai.

The Consultations usually last around 2 hours, during this time we’ll go through the cause of the problem and how to solve it

These sessions are also about owner education session as well so you are able to continue the training when you return home

During the consult I am able to work with you and your dog in a tailored 1 on 1 capacity

The solution that we put together can then be tailored to:
  • 1 You, your learning style and how you interact with your dog or puppy
  • 2 Your unique goals and desires of what you wish to achieve with your dog
  • 3 Your dog or puppies personality and character, since every one is different!

This package then includes 12 months ongoing telephone and email support.

You also receive 3 months FREE access to my online dog training program, The Online Dog Trainer.

This option is suitable for people who want a fully tailored solution and wish to benefit from the vast experience I’ve gained from working with close to 3000 clients and their dogs.

I’m available during the week including early mornings and some evenings.

At my property I can also bring my 4 dogs out to help with the consultation if it’s appropriate.

The cost is $700

If you are interested please get in touch using the Contact page above.

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Want to eliminate any unwanted behaviour without force, fear or aggression

As we work together your dog will respond in a way you have never seen before. You will see your dog change their behaviour of their own free will.

As a dog trainer I will show you how to calmly establish yourself as the leader by giving your dog the signals it understands. Then once you are a worthy leader in the eyes of your dog we will be in a position to start changing their behaviour.

Put an end to that barking,
biting, jumping, stress and pulling

We shall remove the stress that so often accompanies behavioural problems and begin to provide your dog with the life they deserve by using clear instructions and signals that your dog understands.

When it comes to dog training the best form of control is your dog’s own self-control. With more respect from your dog you will notice a change in its attitude from a power struggle to one of co-operation.

Whether you are trying to eliminate unwanted behaviour or training a new command you will feel like you are now on the same team!

Inside every dog is a good dog

If you would like help then I would be more than happy to invite you to my property to run a 1 on 1 consultation. During this I cover off everything there is to do with dog and puppy training for example…

Dog Training

I can help you with every type of dog problem and show you how to prevent any unwanted behaviour to ensure a happier and more relaxed dog. Regardless of the breed, age or problems I guarantee you’ll end up with a completely different dog by following the simple steps I show you.

Puppy Training

Wether you chose the 1 on 1 in consultation or use my online training program I can show you the kind and gentle way to train them and get off to the right start. By understanding how to discovering how to get your dog to calm down and listen you no matter what is going on around them you’ll be ensuring that future problems don’t occur.

I offer a permanent dog training solution…not a band aid

This is a method that eliminates unwanted behaviour through treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. During a consultation I will show you the mind game that every dog is playing, the rules of the game according to your dog and how to win! Once we have done this and won your dog’s mind then we are able to train your dog’s body and change their behaviour.

When you understand what signals you have been sending your dog you will realise why they have been behaving the way they have! Watching your dogs respond when we communicate to them using their own non verbal language is a wonderful experience.

Robyn Kippenberger

Former National Chief Executive for the Royal New Zealand SPCA

A fantastic basis for training your dog

We are been blessed to have discovered Doggy Dan and his kind and gentle methods to assist us in Saving Lives of our SPCA dogs.

Many of the dogs that come to us have behavioural problems that we need to deal with before we can safely place them in a ‘forever home’. Both SPCA staff and potential new families benefit from Dan’s simple method – a fantastic basis for living with and training your dog.

– because dog aggression or just ‘naughtiness’ can mean the difference between life and death for a stray Robyn Kippenberger SPCA.jpgor an unwanted dog. Passing on this method to the dog’s new home can also mean the difference between a happy homing or the dog being returned to us.

“I fully recommend Doggy Dan and this method”

About Doggy Dan

Hi, I’m Doggy Dan,

As one of Auckland’s leading dog trainers I believe
“Inside every dog is a good dog and inside every good dog is a great dog” and that includes yours!

My life plan is to help change the world of dog
training and make it a better place for all dogs.

To help people see that there is another way to change
their dog’s behaviour that is gentle and kind.

I use the simplest, gentlest and most natural
methods to change your dog’s behaviour. I never
use shock collars, and never use fear based methods
to scare your dog or puppy.

However I can provide you with the tools,
techniques and understanding to stop any
unwanted behaviour with your dog or puppy…

And help you develop the best possible relationship
with them, that will stand the test of time 🙂

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