Harrison’s happy again

Barking, separation anxiety, toileting inside.

Things have changed dramatically since your visit where you showed us simple techniques to take control of the situation with Harrison.

He no longer barks or cries when we leave the house, he comes when called and has the best manners when waiting to be feed! Amazingly he has also stopped attacking the mobile phone after your visit and stopped toileting inside.

But the best bit is that we have claimed our bed back! Harrison no longer feels like he needs to be next to us 100% of the time, and can now enjoy his own space and has become a huge fan of his doggy bed.

Now when we get home we enjoy spending time with Harrison now that he is so well behaved.

Your advice has helped us tremendously and I truly believe that Harrison is a much happier dog.

Matt and Alison Ponsonby

In less than 24 hours…

Bear, the overloving 10 mth old Chocolate lab

Thanks very much for working with us yesterday. It was very interesting to say the least! I wasn’t expecting such a quick change in our wee boy: he’s been a lot more relaxed and I think it was the first evening since we got him that he’s left me alone while I’m talking with the family or watching TV ! – He didn’t once sit on me or stick his tongue in my ear, he didn’t follow me all around the house when I got up to go anywhere and he wasn’t mouthing or pawing at my hand all evening. This morning he was just as manageable and it made the trip to the vet much less traumatic than we were expecting (Jo refused to take him by herself after he practically destroyed the place last time he went!).

We all enjoyed the process, love your work and won’t hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends who might be have need of some of your magic.

Irvine & family Mt Albert

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The neighbours are happy now!

Barking, Pulling on leash and over excited near other dogs

We had what I would say would be some common problems with our two young dogs; pulling on the lead, barking when we were at work, over excitement when seeing other dogs etc…

After Dan went through the key to success and showed us few techniques to use with them, we are seeing improvements in their behaviour every day that goes by.

The neighbours have let us know that the barking when we are at work is much, much better! So that is a big relief for us.

Dan has given us confidence in how to handle the dogs when they become over excited, and providing a consequence to inappropriate behaviour in a calm confident manner and in a way that provides the dogs with a clear message.

We have found the dogs much calmer and the techniques shown to us very effective.

The online video support website and information is an excellent way to get reminders and to watch examples on how to perform the techniques correctly.

We highly recommend Dan’s service, and are very grateful for his help.

Chris and Anna Maguire Titirangi

Maggie is transformed overnight!

Barking, aggression issues, hyperactive, stressed….

Both Maggie and Milo came to us very much second hand – in fact Maggie was 4th hand by her 2nd birthday, so both brought with them a lot of baggage and damage from their previous homes and some very mixed messages training wise.

Maggie, a Lab Rottie cross, perpetual barker, scrapper and overly anxious dog with an incredible need to foist her 45kg frame on top of us at all times had become quite intolerable and was in desperate need of learning how to become independent and self confident in her very muddled world.

We were recommended DoggyDan by Annie at K9 Heaven who said both dogs would benefit enormously from a session. Having spent a small fortune on other trainers we had pretty much resigned ourselves to having to manage ‘problem pooches’ for the forseeable future.

The day DoggyDan arrived was the day things changed. A 2 hour session and Maggie had stopped her paw biting and her anxiety levels had subsided. For the first time she took a deep sigh and was content to lie on the floor away from us – the back flips performed at feeding time gave way to gentle seated waiting and we now enjoy being able to sit on the sofa without a 45kg dog sitting on our feet, spilling drinks by her incessant pawing.

Maggie was transformed overnight and a couple of months down the track we are continuing our new routines to benefit the entire household and Miss Maggie. Mr Milo, the rather individual Boxer remains a work in progress but has shown significantly reduced aggression toward other dogs.

Louise Brooks Paremoremo

Kutya the Schnauzer stops barking!

Barking, barking, barking

Thanks for your help with our 4 year old Schnauzer, Kutya.
By using your easy to understand techniques and quiet approach our “dog with a human brain” has learnt that she’s not in charge after all!

Previously, we hadn’t been able to find a way to control her excitable barking, but now she’s grasping that not everything needs to be her problem!

We have also noticed that she is much calmer, while still keeping her great personality.

Jackie and Craig Massey

Puppy training Manu

“Absolutely invaluable”
Mike McRoberts 3 News

Doggy Dan’s tips and instructions on handling our Schnoodle puppy Manu have been absolutely invaluable.

His simple and easy going presentation makes it a great experience for the whole family.

I’m thrilled at how much more we’ve learnt about her needs and what a loving and obedient dog Manu has turned into.

Our family wouldn’t be the same without her.

Mike McRoberts TV 3 News

The Aggressive Daisy!

Aggression towards her owners

Since Doggy Dan came Daisy has calmed down enormously.

With our new calm approach she is no longer aggressive towards us when we address her bad behaviour. Her aggression used to be a daily occurrence but we have had no aggressive episodes at all since the training.

She is easier to calm down when she does get into an excited state and I believe she herself is a happier less frustrated dog.

All aspects of her behavior have improved and she is definitely looking and listening more to us for direction rather than her being in charge. It has had a big impact on the whole family and now we really enjoy having her around as part of “our pack.

Ichiro Harada Howick

Ryan overcome his fear

A serious fear of dogs is overcome

We first met Dan and his lovely girls Peanut and Inca, in May 2011 when looking for someone to help our 7 1/2 year old son Ryan, who had an extreme fear of dogs. His fear had come out of the blue at about 2 yrs of age, he has never been hurt or threatened by a dog. He would go into a panic whenever a dog was anywhere is sight, hyperventilating, screaming and crying. It was awful and his younger brother would often hook into the behaviour. It was bordering on dangerous and made going anywhere very stressful.

I located Dan on the internet and after speaking with him on the phone, decided that he was the person for the job. His manner with Ryan was just brilliant and he gained Ryan’s trust very quickly. Within four visits of an hour each, Ryan was playing with Peanut and Inca, patting them and truly enjoying his time with them.
Had I not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it was possible.

He has now been in the company of several other dogs since and has coped admirably.

Thank you so much Dan, Peanut and Inca you have given our young man a new confidence in himself and his ability to tolerate and respect and even enjoy dogs.

Wendy Taylor Waitakere

Georgia’s happy now she’s not in charge!

Barking, recall, hard to relax,

Great to have you over on Sunday. Just amazing stuff you’re doing. Heaps of progress with Georgia already – we’re all truly grateful. I had a friend over yesterday who has a dog of his own, and he was blown away with how much better Georgia’s barking was. (So was I !!) Love it.

Now she’s learning that she’s not the pack leader thing, Georgia has this expression on her face as if to say “Wow, thanks for taking that job off me. Now I can relax.” She’s so much more responsive to us now. Great recalls in the paddock this morning even though she was a bit excited. We’ve got a way to go, but it’s rewarding for us to see progress every day.

She was sitting quietly next to the cat this morning when I left. Would never have dreamt that would happen a week ago.

Just very impressed and grateful to you. If there’s anything I can do to promote your great work, let me know.

Also more progress with Georgia when I left – she normally scratches at the door and moans when I leave in the mornings. Yesterday, virtually nothing! Pawed the door once then wandered off into the lounge and lay down for a snooze. Yay!

Ben Naden La Cantina Wines St Helliers

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The amazing window smashing Nate

Severe separation anxiety, barking

Doggy Dan has completely changed the way my dog Nates behaves. He used to go crazy barking and as a 50kg Bull Mastiff it could be pretty loud.

Nate also suffered from separation anxiety when we left him. He’d chew and lick himself raw. When we left him in the car to pop into a shop he would go crazy – Twice Nate smashed a car window and jumped out to come and get us!

Now we don’t have a barking issue Nates barks just to tell us somebody is there and then will be quiet as soon as we ask him. He is calm and relaxed when we leave him at home and he sleeps in the back seat of the car if we leave him there. Awesome!

Kat and Slim Massey

Helping the SPCA of Taiwan

From the assistant director..

I had my reservations about what I could possibly learn from Doggy Dan’s video website, as I have many years of experience working with hundreds of dogs and I have already read and watched everything I could get my hands on, however I was very pleasantly surprised to learn several new techniques within the first few videos and was able to put them to good use immediately, so I can heartily recommend Doggy Dan’s video website to anybody who is looking to learn safe, humane, simple, but effective techniques for both training and rehabilitating dogs.

Sean Mc Cormack Co Founder

Astrid’s happy on her walks again!

Dominant aggression to dogs

Thanks to Dan, my 6 year old Alsatian Astrid and I have more fun on our outings. Just a few simple pointers on how best to let Astrid know who is in control was all it took. His easy and gentle approach has given my beautiful dog and I more confidence in each other. The choice to maintain this happy situation, is entirely mine, a little self disciple has been a wonderful lesson for us both!

Tina & Astrid

German Shepherd v Chicken

One chicken killed, general control

Before your visit I felt like everything was spiralling out of control and that Bensen our large German Shepherd was the one making the rules. Since your visit Bensen has improved considerably & is growing up to be a really lovely dog.

He does not chase the chickens anymore & has calmed down a lot. We have put a barrier up in the doorway to stop the chickens coming in as Bensen just ignores them as they walk past him into the house to eat the cat food !

He comes every time I call him & has stopped jumping up.

We would highly recommend you to anyone who is having problems with their dog.

Sue and Scott Tindale Rodney

Confident little Mouse and Peanut!

Fearful, nervous, aggression to other dogs

We have been meaning to email you to say a huge thank you – your methods and tips have made a huge difference already to our lives! We can’t believe the difference in both Peanut and Mouse since day one.

We have just got back from the park tonight where we happened to meet 4 of our neighbours with their dogs. They were all off leash, which would normally have been chaos with our two. Mouse was much calmer and had great fun playing with the smaller dogs. Peanut was so different too – normally she would be stressed out and trying to protect Mouse, and eventually would try to bite if a dog sniffed her for too long. She was much calmer and more relaxed and didnt seem to feel that she had to defend Mouse or us. Your tip about how to show our dogs that there is no danger seems to really be helping.

Walking them is such a different experience now too – before they decided when and where to stop (which was a lot!) and now we are in charge. I even have Mouse walking calmly by my side for almost the whole walk – fantastic!

Thank you so much – we both feel so much more in control and I am enjoying walking the dogs so much more now. We have been singing your praises to all our doggy neighbours, and left your card at the vets too – they had already heard of you too!

Katherine River and Claire Shields Point Chevalier

New reformed Cassie

Barking, biting, jumping, chewing, pulling on lead

As a lifelong dog lover I was very excited to welcome Cassie into our home and was looking forward to teaching my 5 year old daughter all about pet ownership. It quickly became apparent, however that our gorgeous little ball of fun was growing into a rather large and strong juvenile delinquent, in fact we nicknamed her “The Delinquent Dog”.

After trying group obedience classes and failing miserably to get anywhere I found Doggy Dan on-line and gave him a call. At the time Cassie was 9 months old, weighed 25kgs and was pretty certain that she ruled the roost and unfortunately she was probably right!

We spent around 3 hours with Dan going through all of her bad habits – jumping on everyone, barking madly, biting ankles & clothes, chewing furniture & toys, tugging on the lead, etc! Dan showed us how to communicate with Cassie effectively & how to gain her trust.

3 months later it’s like we have a new reformed Cassie. She is so much more fun to be around and our friends too have noticed the changes, commenting on how much calmer she is now.

Can’t ask for more than that. Thanks Dan!!

Patsy Shaw Titirangi

A completely different dog

Calm inside the house and around our son

Since having you come to us here at home, we have a completely different dog. I know that sounds so cliche, and maybe you hear it every day, but we can not express how amazing the transformation has been.

Sifa and I are both social and community workers who for the last 5 to 10 years have been working to help people learn how to communicate with other people. From youth offenders, behavioural teenagers, parents, children, teen mums and dads even to teaching government groups and community how to work with each other. Heck, I’ve even been involved in writing a book about it! So when it came to a dog, we seriously thought that we would have the skills to communicate with it and be fine. But we weren’t.

For 6 months, we struggled trying to control Nala and spent most of the time yelling at her. We had decided that we would have to change the situation – either let Nala go to another home, or seek help. So we called you. Well. Let me tell you. Calling you was the best decision of the year! Within hours, Nala was the calmest we have ever experienced her since she has arrived in our lives. After learning your rules and putting them into practice, we have learnt how to show her in a way that she understands quickly what we expect from her. It’s not rocket science, it’s just dog science! We realise now that it wasn’t about the amount of effort we were putting in (because let me tell you we were really trying!) it was the amount of knowledge we had!

Before you came, Nala was left outside for most of the day, She was taken from her box to the front garden. She would get fed and then we left her to it. Milan (our 2 year old) and I would not venture into the garden because Nala would take over our space and we would get too upset. Nala would then get fed in the afternoon and taken for a walk by Sifa. She would then be put back into the garden until we went to bed then taken back to her box. We didn’t have a pet and she didn’t have a life.

Now, Nala is inside with us and is calm enough to really be a part of our family! Milan can dance and play and run and jump all around her without even a flinch from Nala. Just last night, Milan was lying beside Nala playing with his trains. This would have been impossible 2 weeks ago with Nala jumping all over Milan and ending up with the trains all chewed up. We also have our outside space again and I can venture back into my vege garden – which I have been avoiding since getting Nala because I would have had to fight with her to get away for most of the time.

We sing your praises every day, and have been doing so to everyone that we know – whether they have a dog or not! Thank you Dan, It was a pleasure having you come to us and the skills you have taught us have been invaluable. We’ll keep in touch if we have any problems, but the knowledge you gave us when you visited has been fantastic for now.

Tara, Sifa and Milan - Glen Innes

Tyke’s becomes a dog owners dream

To be friendly to all strangers approved by me

What can I say…Dan! Thanks! You truly are a Prince among men. Thanks seem so inadequate. Here is a picture of the new Tyke and our boat for our trip.

If you can use this as a credential Dan, I really would tell the World “don’t hesitate to call Dan and to completely and I mean completely trust in and implement everything in full!”

Tyke has become a dog owners dream.

I cannot emphasise enough to anyone the importance of really understanding a dog’s perspective on life.

It is a wonderful method once the concept is grasped; it is with amazingly fast and easy to maintain results and it gives you a relaxed obedient and fully contented happy dog admired by all.

Thanks Heaps Dan Sam Butler - Christchurch

Sheba – a seemingly different dog!

Barking, pulling on lead, hackles up, snarling

“My partner and I decided to get a dog trainer in to help us with our dogs after we had an incident where one of our dogs attacked another dog.

We had Doggy Dan over and were impressed from the beginning with his confidence around our dogs, and the dogs seemed to take to him straight away.

Sheba, who is now 6 years old, was our biggest challenge, always very protective, barking at anyone coming into the property- even running out with her hackles up and snarling. So far we have been seeing remarkable results! Thanks to Dan’s advice, she now looks to us for direction, and is a seemingly different dog!

Our male dog Oscar used to feel the need to drag us along behind him on the walk! Again, Dan has given us some fantastic techniques to make walking him a lot easier

I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who has a dog. We tried several different local training schools for our dogs, and although this may have taught them to sit and shake hands, had I have known about Doggy Dan I would have skipped all this and gone straight to him.

We are thrilled with the results and cannot thank Dan enough for his help!”

Brendan Smith and Natasha Matthews - Whangaparoa

Pit Bull saved from Death Row

Dominating, aggressive, fighting

“It was wonderful to have Dan come over to work with our two dogs, Daisy a 2 year old pit bull and Rosie a 9 month old lab retriever. We called Dan earlier this year, out of sheer desperation, as the dogs had begun fighting ever since Daisy returned from staying with relatives. It had reached the point where we were close to having Daisy put down because of her continued aggressive behaviour towards Rosie.

However since that session with Dan, and putting his method into practise, our ‘girls’ have become happy friends again”

Needless to say we are very grateful!

Karen, Camille and Sophie from Ellerslie

Puppy training 101 for Abbey

Toilet training, mouthing, sit stay and recall

“Dans dog training has a lovely gentle approachable manner, he is utterly non-judgemental and wise and immediately put me at ease. He has a gift with dogs and is totally committed to improving their relationships with their owners. A true professional on dog behaviour and obedience training I can’t recommend Doggy Dan highly enough!

Amazing value for money. His service is not just for one consultation but there on tap for a lifetime.

You have shown me how to communicate with my dog Abbey, thank you”

Penny Light - Rodney

Butters now happy with cats & dogs

Unsure of the cats, Barking at dogs

“Thanks a million Dan for helping us understand the pack mentality of our puppy pack and showing us how to be good pack leaders. By using your techniques, we were able to introduce Butters to our cat dominated house neither the cats or dog feel threatened by each other.

Now at 9 months old, Butters comes when he is called and is socialising well with other doggies when we’re out and about. No more embarrassing barking like when we use to take him for walks or out in public places. As a first-time dog owner, I would urge anyone who has issues to call on you.”

Thanks again

Lilian, Malc, Butters & the cats - Massey

Luna the lunatic, and Honey the mummy’s girl

Dog aggression, separation anxiety, fearful

“With the introduction of a new puppy, Luna, into our pack our vision of two frolicking playmates was shattered as both began to regress in behaviour.

Honey, staffy X sharpei freaked out- always clingy, a mummy’s girl prone to weeing and whining she now became positively neurotic, with separation anxiety, shaking, incontinence, and, frighteningly, increasing aggression towards other dogs!

Luna a 6mth bull terrier X bull mastiff cross, was already a bit of a loony- hard to toilet train, playfully evasive to the point of hair tearing and already showing signs of snappy aggression. Getting bigger by the day her aggression to other dogs led to ostracism at our local beach, dog fights at home, and physical challenges to us!!

The evening Dan spent with us he showed us how easily we could change all of this and have happier dogs as a result – dogs who are relaxed.

Knowing that we can call Dan any time (which we have done!) has helped us to continue the great work that he started with us. Honey is much more relaxed, she no longer wets herself when we come home and Luna is now a delight, successfully passing her first obedience course and socialising well with other dogs.

Dan is a fine human with much knowledge to share. He truly loves dogs and understands how they communicate and what it is they really need. His methods are full of wisdom, love, compassion and joy. Thoroughly, unreservedly recommended.”

Georgia and Simon - Rothesay Bay

TANK – a 48kg Ridgeback Cross Lab!

Barking, Growling

“My dog Tank developed a terrible behavioural problem, of which I could no longer control. Tank would run at any person or thing, viciously barking with gnashing teeth, lunging forward at them with the hair on his back up.

It got to the stage where I dreaded people visiting because of how vicious he had become, and in return folk dreaded arriving to that kind of reception. The situation was now way out of control.

I couldn’t bare the thought of an electric collar, or any other aggressive training method that I wouldn’t like used on myself.

Dan assured me he would be able help change this unwanted behaviour in a gentle way. He arrived the next day as agreed, discussed the problem at length a plan was drawn up and immediately put into action. Dan didn’t just tell me what to do, he also actioned his ideas right then by acting out the scenarios, for me to follow.

I am absolutely thrilled with the change in Tanks behaviour and he is now a very happy, relaxed dog.

The other day a courier van came up the driveway to drop off a parcel…..the driver got out of the van, gave me the parcel and left….and Tank didn’t even lift his head!!!!

You definitely don’t need an electric collar to stop a dog from barking – I recommend ” Doggy Dan ”

Yvonne Robinson - Glendowie

Oscar is saved from the electric collar…

Selective hearing, Jumping up, Snapping

“Hi Dan, just wanted to say a big thank you for changing my way of thinking with disciplining our dog. In the past we’ve had a couple of dogs and have previously used a dog training franchise where the techniques were more or less scare tactics. I wanted to have control over our dog since we have a toddler.

When we got Oscar, a friend recommend the electric or remote collar, in other words, the zapper. We found it to be a complete waste of money it did not train Oscar at all. It was good for party tricks on our husbands to see how high their pain threshold is! Entertaining but not a dog training tool.

Since you have been to visit us we have changed how we train our dog. You have given us an insight into dog training, the method is logical, ethical and has delivered amazing results.

Thank you Dan for giving us faith in owning and training another four legged ball of fluff, Our Oscar.”

Neil, Nichola and Joel Williams - Herne Bay

Terrified Jesse chooses the good life!

Fearful, stressed and nervous outside

“I wanted a dog trainer to help with my puppy Jesse. He was so stressed, terrified of travelling in the car and even more terrified getting out at the other end.

When Dan arrived both Jesse and I immediately felt at ease. After listening to what had been happening and asking a bunch of insightful questions he explained to me how Jesse viewed the world, and why he became so stressed and frightened. Dan showed me the gentle way to take control, no growling and no rolled up newspapers, he showed me the way to win Jesse’s mind.

Jesse is now much lighter, he’s running around outside having a fabulous time and not worrying about me. Jess is a bossy soul so sometimes its a tug-of-war, but I have the tools at my fingertips to deal with anything. He is coping so much better when we go out, he trusts me to look after him and that feels amazing.

Just as a small note, there are two other dogs in our family and all the techniques worked equally well with them!

To anyone with any kind of problem with their dog give Dan a call, he will change your life and your dogs, you won’t ever look back.”

Sonja Bjerga & Jesse - Auckland

Bulldog madness turns to bulldog love!

Dog aggression, dog pack integration, dogs fighting

“I was quite naive thinking that it would be easy to introduce a new adult dog into my home. Monty has always been my baby and obviously very spoiled. The introduction with Paris did not go as planned – I was constantly breaking up massive dog fights!

Then I called you on day two, in the hope you’d teach the dogs some coping skills. In all honesty you came and taught the dogs nothing but you taught me! The biggest problem was me and my behaviour, not the dogs. You helped me to establish my position as pack leader which in turn meant that my dogs did not have to fight for pack leader position.

The simple, yet very effective, techniques you showed us were put in place and are now part of our every day life. Your follow up calls and emails have been very much appreciated.

The dogs are now best friends! I hope that you can come over in the near future to see the lovebirds!

Thank you very much Doggy Dan for calming my nerves as well as my dogs nerves!”

Pamela Balt, Paris and Monty - Mt Albert

Mac Attacks ! – no more

Dog barking, biting, no-recall, pulling on lead

“Thank you SO MUCH for your help with our situation with Mac, we’ve tried several dog trainers in the past and whilst all had their good points they didn’t actually solve our dog problems long term. It’s taken a lot to admit that the problems were 100% me, I just presumed that the constant dog barking, pulling me over on the lead and biting people were all because Mac was a “sensitive” dog.

You helped me to understand that Mac was just “doing his job” and it was ME actually causing the dog barking to continue (shouting at him and joining in – I’m still laughing at myself right now) and he was only protecting me and his pack as I was not a very good pack leader. No wonder he was stressed!

When you walked in to the room Mac was so pleased that he could relax! And he’s been doing a lot more of that since. The reward system is working a treat, he is a fast learner. I’m forcing myself to be strong when I let him off the lead and did not approach him once and guess what, he came EVERY time he was called. That’s the best part. I couldn’t even go to the park before as I was getting too stressed at what might happen.

It will still be a while before I let a child other than my own children pat him but that is our goal. My confidence in him is growing by the day as is his in me.

My friends are already asking about you as they know of Mac and our problems so expect a call soon!

THANK YOU Doggy Dan.”

Justina Cammish and her pack - Kohimarama

Barking Sonny and his 3 barking musketeer’s!

Barking at cars, obedience, selective hearing

“Hi Dan,
You have had a wonderful effect! – things going well with Sonny, Peter, Bella and Gurty. Sonny will now sit, stay and come to me when called

After you left he was a totally different dog- very quiet !!! Gurty will also sit and stay and do everything that I tell Sonny to do as she’s his little shadow!

Anyway you saved mine and Sonny’s life as the family were going to exterminate one of us!

Thanks Dan, regards

Pam Rigg - Wairau Valley

Happy Louis the 9 week Pappillion

Puppy training

Dan showed me how to be the pack leader in our home which gave Louis the security that came with my rules and a happy, co operative puppy.

Thanks Dan.

Deb, Jimmy and Louis - St Helliers

Rosie the SPCA breed

Jumping up, not listening, no re-call, boisterous

“Our dog is a very good-natured, two-and-a-half year-old SPCA purebred ie; name a breed, she’ll have a bit of it somewhere. However, her boisterousness in greeting guests was becoming a real problem. She was also developing a mind of her own about obedience issues which left us standing on the beach with egg on our faces while we called her and she ignored us.

A single ninety-minute session with dog trainer Dan gave us a dog’s-eye-view of the canine world, and how it can integrate with our world, to both our and the dog’s, benefit. The session also set us up with a “behaviour tool-box” that has resolved both the boisterousness and the obedience problems. Your back-up service has really helped us keep on track.”

Ian & Josie Mune - Muriwai

Three hours of magic for Charlie the Shitzu

Dog barking, jumping, attention seeking

“Our little dog Charlie who is all of 18 months old had very bad manners and would love to jump all over visitors when they arrived at our front door. He would then bark for attention when we were sitting having a conversation. Charlie was also very stubborn and would not listen to a recall, instead he would just sit and look at me. It was annoying and embarrassing.

I contacted Dan with a big “HELP ME!” Dan was patient, encouraging and quickly showed us how to stop Charlie from jumping and barking. Now Charlie is very relaxed and content when people arrive at our front door and so am I. No more embarrassing moments.

Just three hours of magic and my stubborn shitzu x puppy is a great listener and obedient little dog.

Thank you Dan, you had the dog training knowledge and techniques to help with Charlie’s behaviour and obedience.”

Nicky Johnson and Charlie

Two strong dogs are shown the way

Pulling on the lead, chasing birds

“Simply put. Both my staffy dogs Charlie and Jackson have stopped pulling on the lead when out walking. This was without using a choke chain. Even the bird chasing has virtually stopped.

I can put Doggy Dan training into 3 words. Fail-safe, Professional and Caring”

Thanks Dan,

Bronsen Brown- Takapuna

Miracle session

Generally over excited, poor manners

A note of appreciation. It was obvious what you did when you came round, but what happened didn’t seem to be enough to cause the complete turn-about in our dogs behaviour and our enjoyment of her as actually happened. Immediately!

And continues….. It was a miracle session. You should lift your price. And your back-up has just helped us cement things in place.

Many thanks,”
Very happy customer


Bobby the Chihuahua meets dog trainer Doggy Dan

Demanding, stressed, over excited

“I called Dan to come & help us with Bobby, our pure bred Chihuahua. Bobby was becoming more and more demanding in seeking attention & would also get excitable very easily.

Dan’s immense passion as a dog trainer shone through immediately. He explained to us clearly why Bobby behaved as he did & showed us exactly how to prevent these unwanted behaviours. After a very short time, Bobby is far calm & relaxed & so are we!

A big thank you from Bobby the Chihuahua & his parents – we are very happy you came into our lives Doggy Dan.”

Kevin Browne - West Auckland

Soul Mates – Tainui and Roxy

Dogs not getting on, ignoring commands, wandering off

“Tainui and Roxy have been part of our family since the start of the year. Tainui is a large Rotty and Roxy was about to be put down. Neither of the two dogs had met when we got them so we knew we had a challenge, things were tense from the start especially around feeding time!

Kimi my wife and I have 4 kids who also like animals so we felt it important to get good advice.

Dan taught us how to get the dogs to respect all of us in a very simple way which amazed me. He showed us how to behave around them and the importance of good discipline and quality play time.

Currently Tainui and Roxy are best of mates, they eat sleep and play together which we thought would never happen! We have a large property and now they don’t go out the gate, even when it is open!!

They also listen to commands that any of my family say not just my self – which is important.

This has all been achieved based on Dan’s advice and spending quality time with the dogs.”

I say Dan is the Man for Dogs!

Jason and Kimi - Whitford

Paris’ last chance at life.

Severe aggression, fear, stress, pulling on the lead, barking.

“Paris is my 3 year old American staffordshire bull terrier, with a lot of problems!!! Aggression, fear, pulling on the lead, barking. You name the problem Paris had it. She had a bad start to life before I got her, I’m her 3rd and last home. She will attack whatever she is scared of. Paris’ aggression was so bad she would lunge and snap at people in public, often she would turn her aggression towards me and bite, often drawing blood.

Lead walking was a nightmare. I have tried Prong collars , Choke Chains, Halti and Gentle leaders, and nothing worked. When I used a prong collar on her she would still pull even though her neck was bleeding. Choke chains weren’t much better, she would pull till she just about passed out. Haltis and Gentle leaders just didn’t work either. I began to think she could no longer go out for walks – its about 8 months since she has left the house. Paris was for ever fence running barking aggressively bark at people walking past the house or my car. She would snap at the mail lady and if she couldn’t get to her she would turn and bite or snap at me.

I had 2 other trainers out to see me – both well known and they were unable to help. One trainer was so scared of her he only stayed an hour. Many times I thought she would have to go to the vet to be put to sleep which made me cry so much as I just love Paris dearly.

I found Doggy Dan on the internet and knew Dan was Paris’ last chance at life. There is no aggression used in any way which is marvellous. His way of Training is the best. I learnt that Paris’ problems are coming from her thinking she is the pack leader. She was taking on too much responsibility on her shoulders by looking after me and my family and was unable to cope.

What I learnt from Dan was a real eye opener – so much of it was new to me. Now I can see it all clearly and my God this method works!!! Paris now only barks for a few seconds now when someone passe’s the gate etc, just to let me know that’s someone is there, She then stops barking when I ask her too! I no longer have to yell and scream at her, She is so much calmer and less stressed, her whole behaviour has changed for the best.

Before she used to barge pass me in the house mostly when I was going out the door but now she waits till I go first. This is something she change this by herself, I never trained her to do this!

I totally recommend Doggy Dan to anyone with a dog. I think if Dan was cloned and everyone got one that owned a dog there would be no dogs with problems. If you are having problems of any kind you totally should ring Doggy Dan. I felt so much relief when Dan left knowing my Baby Paris could change and be the dog I wanted. Paris and me are moving ahead well and she really hasn’t looked back.

So if you need help just ring Dan he is worth it. A big huge Thank You to you Dan, your a legend”

Joy Hendry - Tekauwhata

Buster the constant challenge!

Dog obedience, selective hearing

“Our dog, Buster, a Schnauzer, is intelligent with a wilful personality and was a constant challenge to our authority. Dan came and spent time in our home so that what he showed us was relevant to our situation and surroundings, which is so much more valuable than a training manual.

He tailored his training to suit the whole family, including our 9 and 7 yr olds. Dan was friendly and professional and obviously knew his stuff. As we suspected, helping control Buster was more about training us than the dog!

Since Dan’s visit we have seen a huge improvement in our ability to control his behaviour now that Dan has given us the tools to use.”

Sharon Fisher - Auckland

Our 5 new little Angels

Barking, separation anxiety

We have four Chihuahuas and one Miniature Fox Terrier. They would bark at everything on a walk, and also became very anxious when I left them alone. At one stage, I felt so embarrassed to take them out for a walk that I would stay with them inside all day. We didn’t know what to do until one day we found Doggy Dan.

Dan came to see us with his own dog Peanut and spent half a day with us. He not only told us how to rectify the problems but also clearly explained the reason for the dogs behaviour. By carefully following Dan’s notes, we started to make progress. Dan calls us regularly to provide back-up solutions and he always replies to my emails quickly.

Last weekend I took them out for a walk in the park. They did very very well. I took Oscar, Mini & Jack out for their first trip and they ran around in the park off leash for 5 minutes. They didn’t bark at anyone and came when I called them! We are also able to leave them alone and go out for dinner knowing they wont stress without us there.

We are very pleased about the result and we truly thank you for everything. Without you we couldn’t make it!!

Thank you, Doggy Dan!

From Monica and Alan. Fluffy, Jack, Mini, Cooper and Oscar - Pukekohe

Louie’s owners at wits end!

Toileting inside, chicken chasing, no recall

Louie was an addition to our family a year and a half ago when we lived in town on a small half section. He was the perfect size for us and our situation.

Then we moved house to 4 acres south of Auckland. For some reason Louie took exception to toileting outside after our move. We also were the recipients of 10 chooks -feathered friends never before seen by this pug. And of course it was very easy to ignore Mum and Dad when there are all those wonderful new smells and distractions to investigate and Louie would only ever come home when he was ready – not when called.

We were almost at our wits end trying to call him back from the paddocks next door and I never thought the chooks would lay with Louie continually chasing them as soon as he was let outside. We just had to put Louie on a lead all the time he was outside, which was a shame considering we moved out to the country to give him and us more freedom. And the toileting inside was driving me to distraction.

So we called Dan. After a few weeks of using the tools we learned from Dan – the chooks were laying and wandering around our property free range without the stress of a pug dog chasing them constantly. We are able to recall Louie from the neighbouring paddocks, and watching him run back home through the long grass is a joy to behold.

And as for the toileting inside – fantastic! Louie now lets us know when he wants to go out. We are all much happier.

We continue to use the tools Dan gave us and now all of us know what is expected and how to behave. Everyone is living happier in the country.

Thanks again Dan, kind regards

Suzanne Armour - South of Auckland

Bex a Rotty with Cloth Ears!

Nipping on the bed, didn’t listen

Hello Dan,

Bex and I are both a lot better behaved! Being the pack leader is such a powerful tool.

My aunty came round the other day who hadn’t seen Bex since before our consultation and she was shocked at how much Bex had improved. She has even toned down her obsession with shadows and she responds really well to the calming technique you showed me.

I find it funny how before she would almost never listen to me and now she almost hangs off my every word and action. She also seems a lot less stressed with having some one else in charge. Your online dog training video support site is instrumental in helping the changes.

Her nipping on the bed has completely stopped. That was one of the first and most notable changes. My bed used to be a battleground now Bex politely waits for me to invite her up with “up ya get”. If I dont say it she will usually find a spot on the ground to lie on!

I can not thank you enough Dan!

William Dennison Totara Vale - North Shore

Morgan is nearly put down

Agressive to humans

Dan has really helped us handle our ‘spirited’ elderly dog. Morgan a German Short Haired Pointer came into our lives via an animal shelter & although a beautiful nature, became aggressive to humans on several occasions. We were faced with the terrible prospect of putting him down until we contacted Dan, who’s simple, clear techniques and advice are turning his behavior around. We have noticed the difference within days.

Morgan is a happier more contented dog now. He is understanding his place within our household and I feel so much more confidant handling my dog & having Dan’s fantastic support along with the online training website

Thanks so much Dan for coming up to see us, we really appreciate it

Jan van der Lee - Waipu

Marley and Me…!

Snapping at people and just full on!!

Hi Dan, our Boxer Marley is awesome now thanks! We have learnt to understand him and read him better, and avoid situations that he is not good with yet, which is a big help in easing him into things. Mostly I have shown him I am in charge, behaved more calmly with him and the same when we are out. His barking is a lot better too, quite funny actually as he is really trying to hold the bark in sometimes and he makes this hilarious painful sounding whinge noise while trying to contain himself! Then he just runs off and gets a ball! He eats when told and 2x a day. His appetite has actually improved so he is more responsive in training before his meal now.

We can now leave him inside for a few hours without full destruction and just this week, finally, outside without him going nuts barking and letting loose on the shoes.

He is getting better walking and we can go on nice long walks which we could not do before, holding with 2 fingers and when he has calmed down, I can run and have a loose lead on the ordinary collar!

He does not snap at people walking past now either. He is still a cheeky young boxer who is not an angel all the time, but we know how to confidently handle him now and know to stand by the rules relentlessly as we see he does like to test now and then for the top spot.

Overall, there has been so much progress in such a short time. Thanks so much for all your help, we have a nice relaxed home now and a very settled Marley, more like his name!

Eva, Paula, Marley and Lennox Glendowie

Life is much calmer now…

Over excited

Hi Dan
Thanks for your email.

Coco is good – life is much calmer in our household now (most of the time)! We really couldn’t believe the difference in Coco – within a couple of days the transformation was very noticeable.

She now goes to the dog park on a regular basis and runs around like a lunatic, which is just what she needs. She still needs some work on coming back when called.

I am really enjoying your website and finding the training videos very useful.

Thanks again


Bear takes charge

Barking, jumping and ownership issues

Hi Dan,
Just a note to say thank you so much for helping us to understand why Bear was barking and jumping and generally taking over ownership of our cars and property.

He is a much more relaxed member of our family now that he doesn’t get fed from the hand and he knows that he doesn’t have to be number one and protect us from all evil!

Again thank you.



Solving issues after puppy classes

Nibbling people and jumping up

“Enzo is our first dog and a very enthusiastic german shepherd. We knew we hadn’t got the training piece right and were getting frustrated as he liked to nibble on arms and jump up on people, we had got to the point of resenting getting a dog and always having to leave him outside if anyone came over. A friend had heard of Dan and told us we needed to get him on the case.

Within 20mins of watching Dan in our place we knew we had made the right choice and from that day we have had a changed dog and hardly a raised ENZO has been spoken.

We had read so much on what to do and had religiously taken Enzo to puppy classes and then the german shepherd club but actually having someone see him in his home environment and show us how it is done was fantastic. Of course it was us that were sending mixed messages resulting in a confused dog. We are now enjoying what it is really like to have a dog as part of the family and we have Dan to thank for that!”

Thanks – Michael Kemp

Unsworth Heights

Now comes when I call

Recall and hectic at home

Hi Dan,
The method works like magic – I have taken her to the park and practiced recall and it went really well.

Your support website is great.. just to reminds us of technique etc.. helpful to watch your body language with the dogs too.

Thanks again Dan.. it’s definitely less hectic at home!

Anna Walsh-Wrightson and Simon Howard Avondale

No more food stealing or fighting

Food Aggression and In home fighting

Hi Dan
We are still doing well with feeding them. They all sit and wait in their own spots for their food and don’t try and steal each others even when they finish theirs first. We can feed Hollie and Charli and have Rocky sitting and watching them and she does not move a muscle which is great !!

Hollie and Charli are good at not jumping when we come home and we take Rocky to the park now where she loves runing around.

Charli is also not barking as much at things that go past, I have simply been thanking her for alerting me and she seems to be happy with that.

I’m very pleased to report that we have had no fights at all. Rocky got a little silly with Hollie the other day as she had not been walked for a while but I told her NO and she walked off and left it !

Thanks again Doggy Dan

Jodie Vesey and Brett De Lange Stanmore Bay

No more stress about our dogs

Barking – Jumping up on visitors

Hi Dan,
Everyone here is doing well. Sarge and Zoe now eat all their food when we put it down for them.

We now only require one baby gate at the door ! Both sarge and zoe still get very excited but it’s just alot of panting and tail-wagging…. no more jumping on our visitors Woo Hoo ! It’s great not being stressed out over the dogs anymore…. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

The recall was a bit testing for me in the beginning, Chris had no problems and after the first week both dogs would come to me when they were called.

I love the calm “Thank you” for when the dogs bark, the house is blissfully quiet now, I am so really impressed with that.

Chris and I are so grateful to you for spending the time you did with us and our much loved boxer dogs.

Hope everyone is well your end.

Thanks again,

Chris and Carleen Thomas West Harbour

We can now walk down the street

Aggression Issues

Eddie is doing so well….he came to us as a 2 year old from a breeder in Melbourne. With no social skills and an ‘I am pack leader’ attitude.

Being fiercely territorial it became impossible for us to walk along the street ‘on a leash’ without lunging at passing dogs. This was very frustrating as ‘off the leash’ at the park he is a normal playful dog.

After several dog trainers later we met Doggie Dan.

I can honestly say his Calm – Consistent – Consequence of actions approach has been fantastic. Over the last few months the use of his simple rules has made a huge difference.

Eddie is no longer pack leader and we are able to walk the streets without confrontation. I can’t recommend Dan enough.

Linda and Dean Sheridan Kohimarama

Astro almost hung himself….

Separation anxiety, barking

During the last few months things have been going downhill badly with our 2 dogs. Astro who is a 9 year old Staffi cross has been licking himself until there is a wet patch on the carpet, pulling back the covers on the bed, barking at people, barking when people walk past the window, pulling on the lead, following me everywhere i go and the worse to come was he has been jumping our huge fence. We tried putting him on a chain, he tried to jump the fence and almost hung himself, he was on the tips on his toes when i found him, any small movement in balance and he would of hung himself.

Using Doggy Dans methods I was amazed to see how fast the dogs had changed, the method was working – by day 2 people visiting had noticed a huge changed, it was truly amazing.

By day 3 my dogs had become different animals, I used to get angry and stressed with them, now I love them again.

Astro hasn’t jumped the fence since I spoke to Doggy Dan, he has only been on the bed once and taking him for a walk is now a pleasure again. Paris is no longer stressed and chills out and does her own thing, no more barking, the neighbours are amazed the simple method worked so quickly.

Thank you Doggy Dan, you have changed our lives and made it more enjoyable to have the dogs again, your methods work and your kind and understanding manner is fantastic, i will be recommending you to all my friends, you went out of your way to help me over the phone in a time of great need, i could of lost Astro, you helped me keep him alive, safe and stress free.


Toby now plays wonderfully!

Snapping around children…

When our daughter, Ella, began to crawl she would make a beeline for our 2 year old spoodle Toby, he took objection to this and was snappy with her a few times. Separating them was the obvious answer however I wanted Ella and Toby to learn how to behave around each other and grow to become friends. Toby had also become snappy with our 3 year old nephew that he had previously played happily with. I was concerned that Toby’s intolerance to children would escalate and possible result didn’t bare thinking of.

I contacted a dog trainer I had used previously and her reply was that there was no way to safely build Toby’s tolerance and improve his behaviour around children, especially as he was such a dominate dog. She flatly told me to re-home Toby – I was devastated. I didn’t want a child, especially my own, to get hurt but I couldn’t imagine parting with Toby, he was one of the family.

I had heard of Doggy Dan through our dog groomer so contacted him for a second opinion. Doggy Dan came and spent time with us, talking through and explaining about dog behaviour, training and giving us the tools we needed to become ‘pack leaders’ and put Toby back in his place. He observed Toby and Ella we discussed ways to manage their relationship. Doggy Dan was confident, as I was, that Toby was not an aggressive dog and his snapping had been to put Ella in her place so as long as we didn’t give him these opportunities combines with all the other skills we should be able to work on their relationship slowly.

We followed the rules given to us and there was an immediate change in Toby’s behaviour. He is more relaxed and much less bossy! Toby is now excellent with Ella and she is slowly learning how to behave with him. Toby now plays wonderfully with our nephew and is happy at the park around children. We are confident in Toby’s behaviour and know as long as we remain pack leaders Toby will continue to be great with children and an important part of our family. He is a new dog!

Thank you Doggy Dan!

Liz and Daryl Orewa

Misty is transformed….

Dog aggression, separation anxiety

Hi Dan
Just thought I’d let you know the transformation in Mitsy since starting with your method. We followed all the guidelines and we can now leave her without returning to the destruction of old. She is much calmer and is now a “dog” and not pack leader. After several tries with other experts we were considering giving up. I am glad we didn’t and we have recommended you to other people. Many thanks from both of us.

PS – She’s so much better and her behaviour change around dogs has been remarkable. Absolutely no aggression at all. Thanks again.

Robert and Fay South Head

Overnight Sammy changed!

Selective hearing!

Hello Dan
Dan, our family thank the day we came across your Dog Training method. Within twenty minutes of applying your method we were taking control of Sammy. To see that Sammy was fully aware of what he was doing was unacceptable. We still laugh at the way he hangs his little head when he knows he is off to the naughty corner again.

Overnight Sammy changed. He is much happier and we are much happier. Instead of being always annoyed at his jumping, barking, peeing etc., I am now proud of him when I take control and he responds instantly.

He is now a real member of our family. I am so glad we had the opportunity to discover your video training method and would recommend your method instantly to anyone with a dog.

Thank you again. You enlightened us totally.
With kind regards

Ellen Ming Bucklands Beach

Chopper is no long king of the castle

Growling, aggressive behaviour & selective hearing

Our little boy may look cute enough but with dominance issues we were at a loss as to what to do. With growling, aggressive behaviour & selective hearing we soon discovered our instinctual approach to simply dominate back didn’t work. At a loss & not wanting to give up on our new bundle of joy we started using Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer method. We soon learnt a completely different approach which definitely made a lot of sense. Just a day after the training began we noticed a difference in our little boy and it looked like the tables had been turned. The constant advice & support worked wonders to help keep us on track. I am pleased to say Chopper is no longer king of the castle. He obeys commands & can even go off lead at the dog park. Thanks Doggy Dan.


Aidan Manukau

The Hungry Husky pup !

Serious Food aggression

I knew with the information I had read on Siberian Huskies that I had my work cut out when I decided to get my puppy Samson. But relentless, aggressive biting, domineering and frighteningly hostile behaviour at meal times, had me second guessing whether I had made the right choice. On two separate occasions he aggressively acquired food by jumping up and biting the hand of the person holding it. All attempts to remove the food, distract him or replace it resulted only in elevating the level of his aggression and I could only watch on in horror as Samson savagely devoured food not fit for consumption by a pup.

There was an obvious and significant change in Samson’s behaviour during his first meal following Doggy Dan’s Pack Leader Training and this continued to improve each day. After only two weeks of controlling the food, Samson can now be fed without the growling, snarling or biting that previously accompanied anyone going near his food bowl while he was eating. I am even more ecstatic to report that his behaviour is so far from what it once was that I can now remove food from his bowl while he is eating without consequence.

Prior to seeking professional help, every dog owner I know had conflicting ideas on how to deal with this problem which left me confused and worried that there was no easy solution. I was very much relieved, as it was apparent very early on in the training that I would not regret seeking your help.

Everything you said was logical, effective and surprisingly so simple! Thank you so very much Dan!

Heidi Pone Manurewa

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