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Auckland Puppy Training

Getting your puppy training off to the perfect start

Two great options:

OPTION 1. The Perfect Puppy Online Training Program. This online training program which you can take a look at here… Perfect Puppy Training shows you everything you need to know about raising the perfect puppy. It includes the video diary of me raising my puppy Moses from 8 weeks through to 8 months.


OPTION 2. 1 on 1 consultation with myself and my dogs here at my property at Muriwai. This tailored service allows me to suggest specific training that will suit you, your puppy and your situation.

Both offering are a wonderful opportunity to get your puppy training off to the right start and both options cover off what I feel are the key components to raising a puppy with a long term view to success.

Below is a summary of what we can go through:

The Dog Calming Code – This is your longterm Key to success! Discover how to make sure your dog actually listens to you and stays calm even when they grow older!

What a puppy really needs – Here we can go through how to make sure your puppy has all they need from toys, to bedding where they sleep etc…

Puppy Behavioral issues – How to stop all of those puppy issues such as mouthing, biting, jumping and barking!

Command Training – We can take a look at the important training commands such as sit, down, stay, walk and recall.

A 1 on 1 consultations at my property also includes:

Temperament Prediction – Based on my experience of working with up to 3000 dogs, I’ll give you my personal opinion of your puppies personality, an indicator of the type of dog you are going to have in the future!

Socialising – At a 1 on 1 consult your puppy can meet and socialise with one or more of my 4 dogs.

Contact me now – If you are keen to visit me at Muriwai then please contact me using the contact page above.

The Perfect Puppy Program Online Training:

Access from anywhere in the world -This highly successful training puppy training program is used by thousands of puppy owners all around the world

Start today -The sooner you start your puppy training the easier it is to avoid all the common mistakes. Prevention is better than cure! You can get started with your training in less than 5 minutes

Amazing value for money – This program will save you hundreds of dollars and is a fraction of the cost of a 1 on 1 consultation

Amazing Content – The online puppy training program contains far more footage and content than you will ever be able to consume if we were to catch up in a 1 on 1 capacity. This learning style allows you to continue building on your puppy knowledge over time as your pup develops and grows…

In your own time – The beauty of this online puppy training is that it allows you to train when it suits you. Taking in the information as and when you are ready. All from the comfort of your own home.

Money Back Guarantee – I am so confident that you will love my online puppy training that there is a 60 day money back guarantee! Not many people use it 🙂

Get started now – To get started with 3-day $1 trial click here The Perfect Puppy Program

1 on 1 consultation at my property:

Save Time – In a 1 on 1 tailored solution I will be able to short cut the training by telling you exactly what to do in a much shorter time.

Perfect for tricky situations – This options is great for first time puppy owners and owners who have what they believe is a strong minded, clever or difficult puppy.

Tailored Solution – By being able to work with You and your puppy 1 on 1 we can come up with specific training tailored to your unique situation to ensure you achieve a great success.

Safe and secure environment – The safe environment allows us to practise training in a safe and controlled environment.

FREE access to my membership site – I also provide you with 3 months FREE access to my membership site.

Ongoing Support – You also get 12 months access by phone and email so I can help support you with any ongoing issues you have with your puppy training.

Investment – This 1 on 1 consultation package is $500 and is great if you are happy to spend the extra money and see it as an investment for the future, getting the right training early on.

1 on 1 Consultation : For more information about a 1 on 1 consultation please contact me by email
using the Contact section at the top of the page

Perfect Puppy Program : To take a look at The Perfect Puppy Program and what is included
please click the link below.

The Perfect Puppy Program

What the Dogs Taught me About Being a Parent

For an audio version of my book, click here